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Finished pine stairs

Installed and finished! This is the ‘before’ picture

Benefit from my mistake!

  Spring deck building ? Beautiful solid pine! 2 sets pine stairs total width 9’6” +-, total rise  1 at 30”, 1 at 28”  We ordered wrong  🙁 Make  us an offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!   519-668-9996  

Campbell crawlspace and basement encapsulation. It’s evident which are before and which are after pictures, not? 🙂

Retaining wall, Tub conversion

beginning retaining wall between crawl space and basement Converting tub to walk in showerTub to walk in shower

Shedden – Replace section of foundation

wall of 2 story brick house was sinking, we’re jacking, supporting, straightening floors and installing a new section of wall 18” thick. Watch for the restoration of the original stonework!

Crawlspace encapsulation

Keep the moisture out! Keep the heat in!  our ‘Microfoil’ system will clean up the crawlspace, lower the humidity and save heat. Along with the ‘E Z Breathe’ ventilation unit, it will lower humidity and radon gas levels, as well as remove mold spores and airborne contaminants from the whole house! Here’s a before and… Read more »