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Transformation !

After: Beautiful, Safe! Thanks Jim VanderLinden

A Few Metcalfe Windows Before Pictures

These were Pella windows from about 1989 with their double glazing system (not thermopane). A good  system in it’s time, but not really thermally efficient by today’s standards. As well, operator hardware was causing problems. Heating costs will be reduced and comfort improved with the new insulated frame windows.

Replacement windows!

New windows at church hall 1697 Melwood Dr. Adelaide Metcalfe township Vinyl frame, low E, Argon, Interior jamb extension, reuse existing trim, foam insulated Windows supplied by JH Windows of Wardsville (

Finished pine stairs

Installed and finished! This is the ‘before’ picture

Benefit from my mistake!

  Spring deck building ? Beautiful solid pine! 2 sets pine stairs total width 9’6” +-, total rise  1 at 30”, 1 at 28”  We ordered wrong  🙁 Make  us an offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!   519-668-9996  

Campbell crawlspace and basement encapsulation. It’s evident which are before and which are after pictures, not? 🙂

Retaining wall, Tub conversion

beginning retaining wall between crawl space and basement Converting tub to walk in showerTub to walk in shower

Shedden – Replace section of foundation

wall of 2 story brick house was sinking, we’re jacking, supporting, straightening floors and installing a new section of wall 18” thick. Watch for the restoration of the original stonework!