Monthly Archives: January 2016

Quonset building

Now here’s a challenge! a pile of used quonset hut on the ground near Corunna! Dan, Jim, John & Rachel were up to the challenge! Scott’s very pleased with the result

London Home Show

Don’t miss the J&D Baer display at the Lifestyle Home show, at the Agriplex, Western Fair District Jan 29-31. That’s THIS WEEKEND!! We’re straight in from the entrance. We’re planning to have balloons for the younger set 🙂

Farm Workshop Renovation January 2016 near Lambeth

”The wind blows through this shop, as a result, we don’t spend much time here!” After some consultation and cost estimating, it was decided to top up the attic with R-50 blown cellulose and exclude the raccoons! by building a partition to the underside of the roof line (with ventilation, of course) The interior walls… Read more »

Porch Restoration Project

Here is a little sample of the kind of work we do. this is a ‘restoration’ type of project in Strathroy, designed by Julie Field and executed by J&D Baer in coordination with Ed Joris and Justin Domik. The top picture is before, the others after.